Matt Chapin

Senior VP, Corporate Development, Ora, Inc.

Matthew Chapin is the Senior VP, Corporate Development at Ora, Inc. In his role, Matt focuses on strategic initiatives, special projects, client programs involving co-development, structure and management of risk sharing, fund raising, and partnering/licensing. Matt has been in the ophthalmology industry for the past 20 years at Ora, holding positions across clinical studies and preclinical/toxicology development, product strategy, regulatory, project management, marketing support and business development. Matt has provided diligence and strategic support to investors and companies, and helped multiple virtual start-ups, biotech, and pharma companies transition from preclinical through pre-IND strategy/meetings and IND/Phase 2. Matt supported establishment of Ora Japan KK and was co-founder of a spin-off company Afferent that led to a $34m Series A financing of Aciex Therapeutics. Matt contributes a quarterly column in Review of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic Product Development Insights. Ora provides a comprehensive range of turnkey development services to pharma, biotech, and start-ups, including; consulting, clinical, regulatory, preclinical, CMC, and integration of business development support, for developers, buyers, and investors. Matt represents Ora’s partnership with Infocus Capital.