Ed Peterson

Global General Manager, Aviana Molecular Technologies

Ed Peterson is a recognized life sciences leader who leverages exceptional vision, business acumen, and industry experience to improve product development, organizational effectiveness, financial performance, and operational excellence for medical device startups. For the last 40 years, Ed has demonstrated his expertise and value by achieving every annual business plan and budget goal set for himself and his teams.

Ed decided to join Aviana Molecular Technologies because he strongly believes in the firm’s products and their potential to disrupt the diagnostic market. Since joining Aviana in 2013, Ed has focused on leading the firm’s global operations and securing outside investment. As a result of his efforts, the company has secured $3.7M in Series A funding and anticipates closing a $5M Series B round.

Prior to joining Aviana, Ed served as senior executive for multiple startups and incubators. He’s worked with both US and internationally noted partners including Bill Link, Steve Waite, Rolf Schwind, Jan Bonel, Dr. Dan Durrie, Dr. Dick Lindstrom, Dr. Dean Corbett, Dr. He Wai, Dr. Dan Sindelar, Dr. Gary Foster, Dr. Todd Mirzai, Dr. Michael Knorz, Dr. James Schumer and Dr. Perry Binder. In addition to enjoying partnering with those listed, Ed also values and enjoys having long term, strong personal relationships with them. Most notably, he’s led development of 16 patents, navigated nearly 60 merger/acquisition deals to completion, and raised more than $500M through early rounds and private placements. Ed currently sits on the board of directors for Aviana Molecular Technologies, Mycore, and One Focus.

Ed is an avid world traveler with more than 14 million miles logged and is and most proud of his volunteer participation with community causes. Ed resides in California with his wife of 48 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of Iowa.