The Winning Pitch Challenge @ASRS – Boston 2017

$10,000 Grand Prize Winner:

  • Jeff Heier, MD: iLoopes low vision aid

Runners Up

  • Jeff Benner, MD: Absorbable balloon sustained drug delivery implant – (Mentor: Aron Shapiro, Ora, Inc)
  • Ed Ryan, MD: Eyedrop delivery system (Mentor: Jim Mazzo, Zeiss)
  • David Almeida, MD: Citrus Therapeutics CTX1: A novel treatment for dry and wet AMD

Third Place:

  • Natalia Vila, MD PhD: Scleral Depression Mechanical Assistant Device

Honorable Mention:

  • Mitchell Fineman, MD: Ocular numbing device
  • Matias Iglicki, MD and Dinah Zur, MD: Diabetic telemedicine concept (Mentor: Dan Montzka, MD, MDIntellysis/Neurotech)
  • Leanne Labriola, MD: OccuCheck diagnostic device for ruptured globe detection
  • Paul Tornambe, MD: Temporary scleral buckle (Mentor: Tushar Ranchod, MD, Broadspot Imaging, Inc)
  • Jordan Burnham, MD: Eyedrop bottle design (Mentor: Steve Charles, MD)
  • Steven Cohen, MD: Web-based retina education (Mentor: Vince Deramo, MD, Connect-On-Call)
  • Brenda Yazmin Juarez Dominguez: Diabetic retinopathy “protein factor”
  • Brett Foxman, MD: Scleral depressor modified for use with BIOM widefield viewing system
  • Ed Ryan, MD: Subconjunctival injection device (Mentor: Bob Zatarain, BZ Resources)
  • Ed Ryan, MD: Introcular injection device (Mentor: Zeshan Muhammedi, FundRx)
  • George Sanborn: Low cost imaging device combining photography and OCT