Garrett Hamontree

Principal, Visionary Venture Fund

For the past five years, Garrett E. Hamontree has helped develop Visionary Venture Fund into the most active investor in the Ophthalmology space. As a Principal at Visionary, Mr. Hamontree is responsible for due diligence of potential investments with a focus on valuations and market potential, assisting in negotiating and executing transactions, as well as the ongoing management of the portfolio companies. Additionally, he assists in fund raising for the fund as well as interfacing with the extensive list of 88 Key Opinion Leading ophthalmology and optometrist partners.

Mr. Hamontree has assisted with M&A transactions of Iantech and Tear Film Innovations to Zeiss and Alcon, respectively, as well as the diligence and IPO work for Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, cumulatively creating over $1B in value from the three companies. Mr. Hamontree brings significant subject matter expertise in the Ophthalmology Industry along with a diverse investment perspective across biotech and medical devices.  Through his career at Visionary, he has been influential with venture capital strategic planning, decision making, and capital raises at Visionary’s numerous portfolio companies. Mr. Hamontree is a Board Member for Re-Vana Therapeutics and Board Observer to IanTech, Orasis, Sydnexis, TearClear, and Tear Film Innovations.

Prior to joining Visionary, Mr. Hamontree was CEO and President of Bridgemark where he invested private equity and debt in a variety of private market transactions to grow operations and assets across the United States. Growth at Bridgemark was centered around the idea of building a team of experts from various backgrounds to help source deals and to perform due diligence on potential transactions. Prior to Bridgemark, Mr. Hamontree was a project manager for Chevron leading major capital projects.

Mr. Hamontree holds a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Data Science from University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and a Bachelor of Engineering from Vanderbilt University.