What People Are Saying About The Winning Pitch Challenge!

“I have closed a $2 million seed round to fund ongoing activities and an initial patent for ‘Demethylation To Treat Eye Diseases’ has been issued!”

“The Winning Pitch Challenge was pivotal in helping us move forward. We are now engaged in a major development thrust and hope to be fully-funded and operational within the next few months!”

“The Winning Pitch Challenge is an excellent platform for ophthalmologists to develop novel ideas into realistic opportunities. The program provides mentors to help inventors develop market assessment and business model principles, and exposure to potential elite investors for funding opportunities. After winning the competition, I was approached by a number of potential investors and was fortunate to enter a partnership with Alcon. The creative leaders of Alcon have helped evolve and develop my device into a marketable product. Overall, The Winning Pitch Challenge is an amazing experience for any ophthalmologist with a unique idea in its early stages.”

“Doctor Ganiban’s elegantly simple scleral depressor idea and engineering design iterations resulted in a product concept we loved so much at Alcon, we have invested significantly to add to our retina portfolio.”

“A great way to encourage retina doctors to think out of the box and to empower and create.”

“What a great idea. I want to compete one day!”

“Ideas like this are why the ASRS has grown from a small vitreous society to what it is today.”

“It was enjoyable, interesting, and a nice competition.”

“I liked the different perspectives offered.”

“I loved it!”

“My favorite addition to the ASRS Annual Meeting!”

“A unique and innovative activity.”

“Very cool new ideas!”

“I increased my knowledge about intellectual property issues.”

“Keep it going!”