Hal Walbrink

Founder/CEO, Xinetix Medical Product Development

Hal Walbrink is a recognized leader in the medical device space. In his current role as Founder/CEO of Xinetix Medical Product Development, Hal assists early-stage companies in formation, product realization, and commercial launch of healthcare related product offerings. Xinetix has served 90+ companies in its 27-year history, resulting in combined annual product sales of over $1 billion and greater than $4 billion in strategic acquisition and IPO valuation. Hal has served as a medical technology and business expert in 37 legal cases involving patent infringement and product liability. He has testified before state, local, federal courts, and the International Trade Commission.

Hal has served 40+ years in roles ranging from Board Chairman to CXO, advisor, investor, and technical expert to over 100 companies. A formal education in applied physics coupled with broad executive experience in private, public, domestic, and international companies afford Hal a broad experience base to draw upon in leadership and advisory roles. He has deep domain knowledge and leadership experience in product conceptualization, development, and manufacturing. Additionally, he has had leadership responsibility for regulatory affairs, intellectual property, marketing, customer service, and operations for several medical device companies during his career.

Hal is a recognized technical expert in ultrasonics, microfluidics, fluid dynamics, thermal tissue modification, tissue cutting/coagulation/ablation, endoscopy, digital signal processing and operating room communication, and control systems. His clinical experience includes ophthalmology, electrosurgery, critical care respiratory ventilation, minimally invasive surgery, and general surgery. Has been named inventor on nine issued U.S. and international patents and numerous patent disclosures and applications.

Hal has a passion for giving back to the community. He is a mentor to recent college grads and participates in several healthcare industry network groups. He serves as an advisor to the Computer Science and Engineering School Leadership Council at the California State University, Fullerton and a mentor for the Bridge to Connect organization at the University of California, Irvine. Hal and his wife, Teresa, have served as Church Elders at Jubilee South Coast in Southern California and support and led missions’ trips to Zoe Ministry in Chang Mai, Thailand. Hal and Teresa are parents to five children and live in Laguna Niguel, California.