Mario Nacinovich

Senior Director of Marketing, Thea Pharma, Inc.

Mario Nacinovich is the Senior Director of Marketing at Thea Pharma, Inc., leading the forthcoming commercialization of Thea’s glaucoma therapeutics in the U.S.

Prior to Thea, he led marketing at Santen Pharmaceuticals, and prior to its acquisition OTC and prescription therapeutics at Eyevance Pharmaceuticals.

Mario joined the US Human Health division of Merck & Co., Inc. in 1994. He went on to become VP of Ophthalmology (under agency contract with Pharmacia) and VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning at inVentiv Health (now Syneos). He co-founded and served as Co-CEO of Fission Communications (now Caudex Medical). He later served as VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning at QD Healthcare (now Guidemark Health).

Mario became managing partner of AXON in 2010, where he initiated and led the firm’s consultancy in healthcare for nearly a decade in the U.S., while serving on the Board of Directors and several committees for AVENIR GLOBAL. From 2019-2020 he led all communications, marketing, and commercial operations at AiCure and consulted on global medical affairs with Santen, Inc.

Mario is part of the adjunct faculty at Boston University. He is a show host on ReachMD and was the founding editor for the Journal of Communication in Healthcare. He has authored over 50 articles and textbook chapters. He is a member of several editorial boards and remains a reviewer for numerous brand, healthcare, communications, and marketing publications. He is an advisory board member of an emerging company, MYZE.

Mario graduated from Manhattan College with a BS Honors in Managerial Science and Boston University with his MSc in Health Communications. He has studied and completed certificate programs at Georgetown University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, Curtin University and received several certifications from the World Health Organization (WHO).